Man gets 12 years in prison for killing roommate

PHOENIX (AP) - An Arizona man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his manslaughter conviction in the 2016 shooting death of his roommate.

Zachary Penton was stoic as Judge Michael Gordon handed down the sentence Friday in the death of Danny Garofalo.

Two days before the shooting, Penton tweeted that he needed to move out of the Gilbert home where he lived before he killed his roommates.

Penton said he was acting in self-defense after Garofalo tackled him, took away his phone and threatened to kill him.

Prosecutors say Penton could have run away or called for help rather than shoot his unarmed roommate.

Penton's attorney maintains his client's social media posts were hyperbolic expressions of frustration that didn't reflect an intention to harm Garofalo.