Man gets courtesy ride home, attacks officers

Paradise Valley Police say an inebriated man who was given a courtesy ride home attacked officers at least twice.

Officers responded to the Paradise Valley Doubletree Resort and approached Patrick Cyr who said he had insufficient money for his cab fare. Officers decided to give Cyr a courtesy ride home.

Officers who were following the vehicle that was carrying Cyr say that the man broke through the Plexiglas between the front and rear compartments of the patrol vehicle. Police say he then grabbed the uniform of the officer who was driving, ripping the fabric. After the officers pulled over and a struggle ensued, they say Cyr was placed under arrest. Cyr was handcuffed at, once at the police station, he tried jabbing an officer using his knee, and tried to strike and kick him several times as he tried to escape, officers say, until they were able to get Cyr under control.

Cyr is now booked on two counts of assault on a police officer, two counts of criminal damage, and one count of resisting arrest.