Man thanks Phoenix brain surgeon who saved his life

A man with a rare brain malformation is now back in Phoenix, thanking the doctor he credits with saving his life after a risky surgery he traveled halfway around the world for.

In June 2015, Jason Rosow was living in China for work. He woke up one morning and was having problems with his left eye.

After a MRI, a doctor told him he needed brain surgery and that he had something called AVM. He said they couldn't operate, but gave him a prescription. Everything was written in Chinese except for the word Spetzler.

That man, one of the world's top brain surgeons, Dr. Robert Spetzler with the Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Even being just months out of surgery, Rosow is already back doing what he loves. Just last week, he was skiing and before that, scuba diving.

Dr. Spetzler says the probability of this condition returning is very rare after surgery.