Man tours Gilbert Mormon Temple allegedly high on acid

An article posted on entitled "A Visit to a Mormon Temple on Acid" has a picture of the alleged author with an acid strip on his tongue -- and the post is raising some eyebrows within the Mormon faith.

For the past few weeks, people from all over Arizona have been lining up to get a rare glimpse inside the newly constructed Gilbert Mormon Temple.

The temple is only open to the public a short time before it is dedicated -- and closed to only select members of the religion, but one visitor decided to see the temple while high on acid and then wrote about his drug induced tour.

In the article, the author, Troy Farah says, "Dressed in my Sunday best, I ingested two tabs of acid and headed over."

In the article, Farah posted a picture of himself with the acid strip on his tongue -- and other pictures of the tour.

He writes about hallucinating while walking the halls of the ornate temple.

Those of the Mormon religion say it was disrespectful of the author to walk into their most sacred place -- high on drugs.

"To do something like that before you go into such a sacred special place.. I feel bad for him because it could have been a really good opportunity for him to feel some of the peace and the reverence that you find in the temple," said a Church of Latter-Day Saints member.

Farah originally agreed to an interview to discuss why he did it, but then canceled. In the article, he doesn't really explain why he took the tour high on drugs, but some of the Mormon faith say whatever the reason, he crossed the line.

"To take away the mystery and the so-called secrecy so everyone can see exactly what it is," said another LDS member.

We also contacted those with the Gilbert Mormon Temple. They did not want to comment about the story either.