Man who started baking to raise money for mom’s cancer treatments quits jobs, sells cakes full-time 

The sweet taste of success. 

"This completely has blown my mind, has blown me away," said Anthony' Lewis, owner of Selina's Red Velvet Cake. "The demand for the red velvet cake. It's insane." 

The insanity started three years ago when Lewis' mom, Selina King, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

"My mom wound up with breast cancer in 2018," he shared. 

Lewis wanted to help and he remembered the childhood red velvet cake that his mom made that everyone loved. 

"I was not a kid that was in the kitchen," Lewis explained. 

He asked his mom to show him the recipe so he could sell them to raise money for her cancer treatments.

"I had no idea that me putting it out and letting people try it that Selina would grow and expand throughout Tampa Bay like it did," said King. 

The cake was so popular that Lewis quit his job and is now selling cakes full time. As of last March, Lewis sold more than 3,000 of the tasty treats. 

"I would say over 100 products every week in between cakes and cupcakes that we are issuing all week long," Lewis said.  

Lewis is receiving messages daily about the tasty treat.

"Hey, I heard about this red velvet cake," Lewis said. "I hear it's the best in town and I definitely want to try it out. I'm still excited every time I receive one of these messages." 

The biggest message is that his mom, Selina, is now cancer-free. 

"I am so proud of my son for stepping up and seeing a vision. Starting off just trying to help me out," she shared.

Lewis explained, "There was something greater for me on the other side and I had no idea. Really thankful for what happened. If I had to do it all over again to get me back to where I am now, I would." 

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