Man with cancer makes the best of his hospital RV stay with Christmas decorations, happy outlook

Spending the holidays in the hospital is never ideal, and for one man, that's his reality this year and he's making the best of it. 

Steve Szabo has been staying in the RV park at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center for 6 weeks now. Unfortunately, his treatment is falling over the holidays, but he says he's not letting that ruin his Christmas spirit.

"The security drove up and said, 'Did the hospital do this?' And I was like, 'No, I did it," he said referencing all his Christmas decorations.

Szabo is from Lake Havasu, but is calling the valley home this holiday season, but this is no vacation. 

"I'm having fun here, as much as possible for what I'm going through. I'm just trying to make the best of it. Keep positive, that's the main thing with cancer is staying positive through treatment and through the whole deal," Szabo explained.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. He had surgery this year and is now going through radiation treatment. These treatments are daily, making it impossible for him to live at home. So currently, he's staying at his home away from home, in the RV lot the hospital provides for free to patients. 

He's decided to make the best of things. He fully decorated his space for the holiday, complete with lights all around the area and wreaths made by the staff hung on the RV.

"That just warmed my heart," clinical services manager, Allison Beavers, said. "Steve is such a great guy and just the fact that he has his own patio area that he set up with lights and the fire pit and the barbecue."

Although this Christmas won't be exactly the same for the Szabo family, they're grateful for what they do have.

"I'm going to miss the breakfast my wife makes because she's not going to have the facilities to make the breakfast here, but we're still going to be here together and that's the most important thing, that we'll be here together," Szabo said.