Maricopa County Attorney believes there are more victims in the Hamilton HS football hazing scandal

The Maricopa County Attorney is wondering why aren't more parents of Hamilton High School football players are coming forward with information about more alleged victims of team hazing.

Several months after the scandal first surfaced, a total of six victims have come forward, but Bill Montgomery believes there are many more.

Montgomery said the bottom line is parents of hazing victims are not coming forward, not allowing their kids to talk to investigators, and not offering information that could lead to identifying more victims or suspects.

"We've had a lack of cooperation," said Montgomery. "Whatever the reason may be, it's not a good reason."

So far, three former Hamilton High School football players are facing charges. and Chandler Police have recommended charges against the school's principal, athletic director, and former head football coach for allegedly failing to report the alleged abuse.

"There could be some individuals who have that idea it may be more important to protect the football program at this point," said Montgomery.

There are about 100 kids on the varsity team, which is ranked sixth in the state. So far, however, only six victims have come forward.

The criminal hazing is believed to have taken place from the years 2014 to 2016.

"This is an extreme situation of people thinking loyalty to the team necessitates not saying anything," said Montgomery. "No. That's a gross misunderstanding of what loyalty is. You don't tolerate people harming teammates."

Buzz Call doesn't have kids that go to Hamilton, but he was one of only around 30 adults who were concerned enough to attend a parent meeting on the investigation Tuesday night.

"This just makes my blood boil," said Call. "If you look here, you see all the empty seats. There's 4,500 students at Hamilton High. If my kid went there, I would've rallied my neighborhood. This is important, and I'm very, very surprised at the lack of interest shown here by the parents at Hamilton High."

Three teenagers are now facing charges that include sexual abuse and child abuse, and one is being tried as an adult.

The County Attorney has yet to formally charge the Hamilton High School administrators, and he is pleading with parents who know of any alleged victims to come forward.