Massachusetts police say man crashed semi-truck, shot and killed 2 people, then was killed by officers

A suspected gunman was killed by police Saturday afternoon in Winthrop, Massachusetts after he allegedly crashed a stolen semi-truck into a building, shot and killed two bystanders, then was gunned down by responding officers, Massachusetts State Police told WFXT, the Fox-affiliated TV station in Boston. 

People who live near the scene told WBZ-TV that a man crashed a truck he was driving into a brick building and gunshots were heard as the driver ran away. 

Two bystanders, a male and a female, were shot and killed after the crash. 

"We are investigating whether the male may have been trying to engage the suspect to end the threat. The female and male are both deceased," Massachusetts State Police told WFXT.

"Winthrop Police arrived on scene within moments and shot the suspect. The suspect also is deceased." 

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One police officer was also taken to a hospital but was not seriously injured. 

At least one other SUV appeared to have wrecked near the scene as well, WZB-TV reports.

"There are multiple injured people and motorists are asked to avoid the area to allow first responders unrestricted access to the scene," Winthrop Police said.