Mayer residents pick up the pieces after flash flood

Vicki Beskieen's Mercury Grand Marquis came to rest in a precarious position on the side of the small hill leading down to the Big Bug Creek after being pushed there by flood waters she describes as waist high and extremely forceful.

"If I would have seen any of my cars going that way I would have tried to stop them," she said. "My car was right here in front of my spot, then the Cadillac was in front of my car; Dave's car pointing East to West. The next thing I know it's all down there."

Her neighbor Dave's car was also down the creek.

"I just want to get my tools," he said.

His mechanics tools are in the trunk, a way the retiree says he makes a living. Dave describes the rain Wednesday night as pretty light and the flood taking everyone by surprise.

"It came pretty quick," he said.

So quick that the rushing flood waters moved Dave's home about 50 feet from where it originally stood.

"The front of it was about 6 feet, 8 feet from here," he said.

Vicki returned this morning to survey the damage, determined to clean up and move on and get her cars out of the creek.

"Someway, somehow I'm going to do something to get it out," she said. "I can't go without no car."