MCACC shelters are overflowing with animals

The folks at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control are turning to the public for help. Their shelters have picked over 200 animals in the past few days, likely due to the recent storms, and the shelters are now overcapacity, and in need of supplies.

The count does not include the hundreds of animals they've picked up the days after 4th of July, and now, the shelters are in desperate need of some supplies like newspapers and puppy pads to take care of all the animals.

"Our field operations brought in 250 animals between the 2 days. This is July 5 and July 6 dates. Every day after that has been 100 or more coming into the shelter," said Jose Santiago with MCACC. "We are running out of things such as food, we're running out of newspaper, puppy pads, things that we need on a daily to take care of these animals are we are not sure when we are going to replenish any of that."

In the meantime, the kennel staff are trying to make due with what's available.

"These kennels that you see behind me should be completely lined with newspaper, but we just don't have as much newspaper to do that, so they are go ahead and lining half of the kennel, using towels for others really, improvising any which way that we can keep caring for these animals," said Santiago.

That's why they are looking for the public's help.

"We need people if they can donate towels, if they can donate newspaper, puppy pads, things like that," said Santiago. "We are desperately in need of that."

The shelters are so full, they have some animals in offsite locations.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control