McCain remains silent on Donald Trump

There was a rally for Arizona Senator John McCain Friday, but nobody wanted to talk about the biggest political story in the country, Donald Trump.

McCain's fellow Senator's rallied for McCain during the event.

"Are we ready to send John McCain back to the Senate?!" said Senator Joni Ernst.

"Are you guys ready in November to win with John McCain, and keep the majority in the U.S. Senate," said Senator Corey Gardner.

The focus was on McCain keeping his seat. These GOP Senators praised his long experience, especially in defense and foreign policy. But there was no mention of the man who stands to be the leader of the Republican Party and its candidate for President, Donald Trump.

"When I was saying is I would support the nominee, I have said that all the time, and obviously in these turbulent times anyone who is an incumbent has to work really hard," said Sen. John McCain

Instead of Trump the word turbulence was used, McCain used the word three times in two minutes while being interviewed.

"It is the turbulence in the whole political environment here.... it is a time of great turbulence," said McCain.

If this turbulence is because of Trump, how does McCain fly through it and win re-election in November? That is a challenge for the veteran Senator.

If McCain disses Trump, he runs the risk of alienating a lot of voters who are Trump fans. Trump won a crushing victory in Arizona. If he supports Trump with too much enthusiasm, he risks alienating and riling up Latino voters who could tip the election in the favor of his Democratic challenger, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.

So turbulence is more like a tightrope for McCain to walk until November.