MCSO detectives remove 14 dogs, 6 kids from East Valley home

When deputies arrived at a home in the east valley to remove six children, they also made another discovery: more than a dozen dogs living at the property near University and Meridian in filth.

Investigators say they may have broken up a possible puppy mill operation. Now, 25-year-old Jason Rogers and his wife, Dori Connor, are facing animal cruelty charges. Child abuse charges may also be filed.

"Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies were escorting DCS officials to this house here behind me in the 11000 block of Mercury Drive to take six children from the home, but when they got here, the smell was obvious," stated Detective Doug Matteson. "Feces everywhere, disgusting conditions."

The video has an up close look at the horrific conditions inside the Mesa house through the eyes of a Go-Pro camera as investigators walked in for the first time. More than a dozen dogs were living in dangerous, disgusting conditions.

Most of the dogs are very sick, you can tell.. intestinal problems, a lot of their skin has many issues, not bathed in I don't know how long," said Matteson.

One by one, the dogs were brought out, many of them covered in filth, shaken and frightened. Neighbors stood by and watched in shock.

"Things go on that we don't even know about, it's really sad," said Michelle Nicholls. "No idea, they never come out. They're reclusive."

Nicholls was unaware that any children were inside the home.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Department of Child Safety has not explained why they were called to the home in the first place.

In total, 14 Labradoodles were taken from this home. Right now, they're in downtown Phoenix with the plans more than likely to put them up for adoption.