MCSO: Three arrested after drivers' windows were shot out overnight

MCSO has announced that three people were arrested overnight after several people had windows in their vehicles shot out while driving.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and the Arizona Department of Public Safety announced the arrests at a 1pm news conference at the MCSO headquarters in downtown Phoenix on Sunday.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and DPS Director Frank Milstead say three 18-year-olds are facing charges of cirminal damage and conspiracy after they reportedly aimed slingshots at both pedestrians and vehicles in the east Valley. DPS says these arrests are not in connection to the freeway shooting case.

They say that all incidents on the freeways on Saturday appeared to be connected to these teenagers. They say a man and woman who suffered vehicle damage saw the teenagers in the act, and took down their license plate number. That help DPS, MCSO as well as Mesa PD track down the three suspects. Law enforcement says they damaged a total of seven vehicles and struck six pedestrians.

In the meantime, people are advised to remain vigilant and call the DPS hotline at 602-644-5805 if they see anything unusual or exceptional.