Meet Chef Storm Miller: Phoenix chef creates special menu in honor of Black History Month

A Phoenix chef is crafting a special menu in honor of Black History Month.

Chef Storm Miller at downtown's Blue Hound Kitchen and Cocktails does what he does best: cook from the heart.

"My phrase is, ‘eat to live, but also live to eat as well,'" Miller said. "When your able to share your past culture and past history with someone, it’s an experience others can enjoy."

Sharing his culture is what’s behind this month’s Black History Month menu, complete with mouth watering dishes like cornbread crusted catfish, riblets with a special sauce, and of course, dessert.

"The last dish was big mama’s dish that she always made. It was either peach cobbler or blackberry cobbler. We have blackberry cobbler with a buttermilk ice cream," he said.

Buttermilk ice cream made from scratch.

Food was passed down from his great-great-grandmother, or "big mama," for generations.

"They had their own little farm, and their own little land in the country of Arkansas, but they had to be very resourceful with everything they had and ingredients," Miller said.

She worked hard. Farming, fishing and preparing everything on the family’s plate. With a pinch of long-lasting memories in each ingredient.

Miller worked alongside his grandmother to craft a menu to reflect his family’s history and values.

"They had to work hard, so they could eat at home, so this really shows what they were able to make and craft by hand," he said.

Hard work, perseverance, and care. That’s what Miller sees when he looks at his family's food. It’s what he feels when he cooks, and it’s what he hopes you experience in every bite.

The only reason, he says, he can cook from the heart is because generations of women showed him the most powerful ingredient of all –  love.

He says, "I know they have gone through a lot in past history, but I’m thankful of what they’ve done, so I have what I have today."

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