Meet Moxie! Phoenix Fire Department welcomes new search and rescue dog

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - On her first day on the job with the Phoenix Fire Department, Moxie is already training.

"Moxie has trained to find that human scent," said Capt. Rob McDade. "It's a specialized training that is just incredible when you watch them."

Capt. McDade says Moxie is part of the Phoenix Fire Department's Arizona Task Force 1 Search Dog Team.

"We get them, we train them, we bring them back, they integrate with our team," he said.

Moxie trained extensively at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Pennsylvania and arrived at Sky Harbor last night with her handler, Phoenix firefighter Myles McCarthy.

"Her level of training is unreal," he said. "When we go back to pick them up and we do training, it's more so for me. I'm the one that is learning how to work [with] her."

Moxie's father served on 9/11. She will serve a very special purpose in Phoenix as a live-find dog, heading into rubble or building collapses and other areas to find survivors and people who are trapped.

She will also work nationwide with the FBI and FEMA.

Moxie and her handler will train once a week, always learning and always ready when help is needed.