Meme of Drake appears on design renderings for Margaret T. Hance Park renovation plans

On Monday, the City of Phoenix released plans for some major renovations for the Margaret T. Hance Park, located near Downtown Phoenix. The renderings had images of people out enjoying the new space, with one of those people being an image many have seen before.

Somehow and in some way, a rendering of future upgrades to the park featured rapper Drake in a wheelchair. Some people had no idea, while others were on the right track. One person who spoke with FOX 10's Danielle Miller managed to identify the photo.

City of Phoenix officials told FOX 10 the renderings were done by Hargreaves Associates, a design firm out of Boston. The company is working on the project. and the image has since been taken off the website and replaced with a similar one, minus the popular meme.

While it is still uncertain how the popular meme ended up on the rendering, some people have an idea.

"Someone at the office probably probably just messing around," said one person.

Others don't mind it, even if it is Drake.

"The heartfelt moments I capture, and obviously seeing the wheelchair involved in it, it was mindful of diversity down here, both color and all physical capabilities, so I caught on to that," said another person.

FOX 10 has reached out to Hargreaves Associates, and they said no one was available to give us a comment on this incident.