Memorial grows for Horizon HS teen killed in crash

There is a memorial growing in front of Horizon High School in Scottsdale after an 18-year-old student who recently graduated was killed in a car crash. People who knew Joe Smith say he would shake hands with everyone on campus, and was genuinely interested in how people were doing. It was supposed to be a dream vacation for four best friends. Celebrating their graduation last month by going to 5 baseball stadiums and a trip to Disneyland.

But it all turned tragic just two hours from home when a car smashed into theirs, killing Joe and leaving his three friends with serious injuries.

"I know Joe was a huge fan of just helping people have a better day. So he'd come up to you and ask if you're okay, and make sure you smiled before he left. I just know he's incredible," said Makenna Miller.

Miller started a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral expenses for Joseph Smith. He was killed in an accident near Quartzsite early Friday morning.

Another account has been setup for his three friends who survived: DJ Purcell, Kevin Hurley, and Matt West. All remain hospitalized with serious injuries.

"They all hung out together, and they planned this trip together, and they're all just really good guys," said Donovan Parr.

The memorial continued to grow Monday for Joe, who was heading to the University of Nebraska in the fall.

"He didn't care who you were. He didn't care if you were cool, or not cool, or a football player, or someone who kept to themselves. He just wanted to talk to you," said teacher Jason Jones.

"I think it's hard that it hit so close to home for all of us. Because you never expect it to happen, you just never expect to lose someone like that," said Miller.

If you'd like to help visit one of the following links:

Joseph Smith funeral fund:
Purcell, Hurley, West medical fund: