Mesa library cleans up following Monday night's monsoon storm

MESA, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Parts of the Valley saw wind and rain from Monday night's monsoon storm, and people are cleaning up after the storm in parts of Mesa, including at a public library in the East Valley city.

The Mesa Express Library inside the Power Square Mall, located near Baseline and Power Roads, was hit hard during the monsoon. The storm damaged the roof of the mall, causing rain to pour through and flood the building.

"It does look like this collection was impacted severely," said Heather Wolf, Director of the Mesa Express Library.

The water soaked through the majority of the books, in addition to DVDs, furniture, and the carpet.

"We are still evaluating the overall damage," said Wolf. "We can't turn on the computers because they are wet."

On Tuesday, staff members were cleaning up the damage, trying to salvage what may be left.

"I just saw this, and it is heartbreaking," said Sherry Sayers. "This is a place I come to."

Sayers stopped by to drop off a book and pick up a new one when she saw the damage. She had no idea the library was hit in Monday's storm, and she hopes they recover and can save the books for the community.

"It's so sad to see the books damaged," said Sayers.

Library staff members plan to bring everything out to go through it, and they are also cleaning up the water in order to eliminate a mold issue. They say it's still to busy to know the cost of the damage, or when they will be able to reopen.