Mesa school bus driver allegedly attacked by parent: PD

Mesa Police officials say they are investigating a school bus driver attack that allegedly involved a parent.

According to a brief statement, the incident happened just after 2:15 p.m. on April 11 in a residential neighborhood near McKellips Road and 4th Avenue. 

"It looks like the bus driver was attacked by a parent of one of the students on the bus. Officers did respond and take a report, which is currently being investigated," read a portion of the brief statement.

We have reached out to Mesa Public Schools for comment on the incident, and they responded with a statement that reads:

"Safety for students and staff is a top priority at Mesa Public Schools. Assault and other behaviors that are disruptive to an educational environment are not tolerated. All MPS buses are equipped with cameras and footage from this incident has been turned over to Mesa Police. We are confident that Mesa Police will come to a swift resolution in their investigation and the aggressor will be held accountable."

Letter to families

We had a troubling situation today on one of our buses. A parent assaulted a bus driver at one of the stops. There were no weapons involved and the driver sustained minor injuries. While no students were physically harmed, there were students on the bus who witnessed the incident. Mesa Police are investigating.We understand this is very unsettling. Safety is our top priority at Mesa Public Schools and we trust Mesa Police to come to a resolution.Parents are expected to behave in a manner that supports and enhances our safe learning environment. This includes demonstrating positive behaviors such as:

· Being kind

· Caring for others

· Speaking and acting respectfully

· Listening actively

The following behaviors are not tolerated on our buses or schools:

· Verbal harassment

· Abusive or foul language

· Disorderly conduct

· Disrupting, obstructing or interfering with school operations

· Threats, intimidation or physical assault

· Abuse of district employee

· Failure to respond to a directive from a school official

Student and staff safety is our top priority. We all own the responsibility for keeping our campuses, buses, and all district properties safe. Together, we can ignite a culture of learning and well-being for every student.

Area where the attack happened