Mesa shelter celebrates 'Christmas in July' to help children

There's nothing like browsing through Christmas decorations when you live in the desert in the middle of summer.

Snowmen and ornaments make us dream of cooler times, but they're all for sale right now at the Sunshine Boutique locations near the grounds of the children's shelter it keeps alive.

"We're thrilled to have the children until their parents get on their feet, and when they're on their feet, they're able to get their children back," Cindy Humphrey said.

Humphrey says Sunshine Acres has relied on sales like "Christmas in July," along with donations from the public, to provide a safe place for almost 2,000 children since 1954.

"We took a little girl that was living behind Jack in the Box with her mom," she said. "Her mom didn't have a place to go. She had extended her time in the shelters and they go out on the street and we got the call, so we took in this little girl."

One of many stories that come from the shelter, it's a place you can help out by getting ready for Christmas a little early. They have other items too that are good for any season, but Santa will be here until supplies last.