Michelle Obama campaigns in Phoenix for Hillary Clinton

First Lady Michelle Obama was in downtown Phoenix on Thursday campaigning for Hillary Clinton. The visit comes amid a tight presidential race between Clinton and Donald Trump.

In her 30 minute speech, the First Lady didn't mention Donald Trump by name. In this crowd, she didn't have to.

The First Lady's visit ended a busy week in Arizona as Bernie Sanders was here on Tuesday and Chelsea Clinton was at Arizona State University on Wednesday. The Clinton campaign believes Arizona is in play.

"Our electorate is pretty well divided between Republican, Democrat and Independents and I think a lot of Independents and Republicans are going to vote for Hillary," said Obama.

We asked some of the thousands at the Phoenix Convention Center what their top issue is this year.

"Supreme Court, women's rights, everyone's rights," said Linda Philbin.

"I don't think Donald Trump would do a bad job, but I think the situation with his is that I don't think he knows enough except being a billionaire and knowing about numbers and dollars and things like that," said Willie Harris.

Recent polls show 1 in 5 Arizona voters may still be undecided and the First Lady's visit comes as voters start to receive their early ballots.

"I don't understand how a person at this point could be undecided. There is so much out there that really everybody should have made up their mind one way or another," said Carol Weaver.

The total attendance at the Phoenix Convention Center was 6,907.