Mila the mustang thriving in new home

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KSAZ) - In this week's Community Cares, we're catching up with Mila the mustang. The once wild horse is now thriving in her newly adopted home, healthy and happy.

It takes work to train a horse, especially one born in the wild, but for Macy Zylstra, 24, working with Mila the mustang is a labor of love.

"I didn't really know how it was going to work if she was going to be so crazy," said Macy Zylstra.

Mila was found among hundreds of dead horses on the Navajo Reservation in Gray Mountain. We first met her at Healing Hearts Rescue in June 2018. Volunteers there nursed her back to health. She miraculously survived and is now thriving.

"Her name originally was Coco and we came up with the name Mila, which is short for milagro, which means miracle in Spanish, so she really is our little miracle baby," explained Zylstra.

Mila loves people and Zylstra says the people love her mustang. The videos that are posted on her Instagram account are getting thousands of views.

"We have followers from all over the world, I get messages in Spanish and German saying how much they love seeing videos of her," says Zylstra.