Miracle Mile Deli will donate portion of proceeds to non-profit, Feeding Matters, on anniversary

The City of Phoenix announced that May 10 will be 'Miracle Mile Deli Day' after the popular restaurant that's been in the valley since 1951.

Owner Georgia Garcia says they pride themselves on treating customers like family, which is why they're taking some of its proceeds from the 10th, and donating it to Feeding Matters, a non-profit that helped save a family member's life.

"We feel they've been so instrumental to us. We wanted to do something for them and help them gain interest," said Garcia.

The granddaughter of Garcia, Sophie, was born with a condition in which she didn't want to eat. In fact, she still has to use a feeding tube.

"Sophie is 7 years old, going on 8, and she's struggled since birth with eating. We needed help and Feeding Matters came in, and through friends we've made, helped us in seeking out the help," said Garcia.