Missed the holiday sales? Here’s the best time to buy a new TV

Did you miss the recent holiday sales or were you just too scared to pull the trigger on a new TV because of inflation? Don’t worry, there are plenty of upcoming opportunities to get a good deal on a fancy new TV.

Buying a new TV is a big deal. According to Best Buy, people typically replace their TVs only every seven to eight years. So if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to get the best deal on that black rectangle that’s one of the few things keeping your family together. 

Since you decided to heed your significant other’s advice and be fiscally responsible this past holiday season, there are still plenty of upcoming dates in which you can score on a brand new TV — be it 4K, OLED or even one that connects to your smart devices. 

Super Bowl season

When: January - February 

Super Bowl Sunday might be the biggest TV holiday in the nation with millions of Americans making the yearly pilgrimage to their local electronics store in order to get the most impressive screen that will pair perfectly with buffalo sliders. 

Football season is a win-win for everyone. It’s a chance for manufacturers to showcase TVs with larger screens and since it’s been a year since the most current models were released last spring, there’s going to be some chances to score big. 

Pete Putman, former education director for the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, told Nerdwallet that the TVs with the best deals are going to be on sets between 49 inched and 65 inches.

When new TVs hit the market

When: Feb - April

Brand-new TVs typically hit shelves between February and April. While it may seem tempting to buy the newest model, the latest release simply means that a TV released a year ago — which is just as good — is probably going to go on sale. 

We get it. You want to be the one to brag about the newest shiniest model in your living room. But keep in mind, these models were the top of the line a year ago, and they’re just as good now. 

Black Friday and the holidays

When: November - December

So maybe you just read this article and despite being informed about several months of upcoming sales, you decided to wait nearly another year. Good for you. 

But you didn’t wait in vain because the holiday season is typically the better time to buy a TV, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

At that time, nearly every model had huge discounts sliced off with hundreds of dollars off during Black Friday promotions. 

Are you sure you need a TV?

There are several factors to consider before buying a new TV. After all, even with sales, it’s still a big purchase. 

The first thing to consider is how old is your TV. 

If your TV is the size of a boulder that should be launched from a trebuchet then it might be old enough to justify a new purchase. 

If you haven’t gotten a new TV in the past several years, buying one now will most likely have you upgrading from HDTV to 4K or even 8K resolution. 

This means your new TV will improve video quality, sound, resolution color sharpness, and much more. 

But maybe the worst has happened.

It’s nightmare fuel for anyone. Your TV, which has brought you so many amazing memories and emotions finally kicks the bucket. 

According to Online Tech Tips, the first thing you should do with your broken TV is to check the warranty. 

If your device is too old there are always people willing to pay cash for parts including Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. TV repair stores will also often buy broken devices for spare parts. 

Here are the best tips for buying a new TV

  1. Don’t be a window shopper: Get your butt off that couch and actually spend some time in person looking at screens before bringing them into your home. That is probably the best way to certify that you know what you’re getting.
  2. Do your homework: Don’t be hasty! There are so many options it can be almost overwhelming. But the more time you spend researching models the less you’ll be surprised when anything goes wrong.
  3. Don’t forget to price match: Most places like Target and Best Buy will price match. If you’re at a store and the TV you want in front of you is more expensive than the one you’re looking at on your phone, if you ask an employee to price match they generally will, unless it’s a conflicting sale.