Mistrial declared in NAU shooting trial

A mistrial has been declared in the fatal shooting trial of Steven Jones, after the jury was not able to reach a verdict.

Deliberations resumed Tuesday after a three-day break. There were rumblings Tuesday morning that the jurors were divided.

Earlier on Tuesday, Judge Dan Slayton told attorneys during a hearing that he's going to present jurors with printed copies of instructions on how to deal with a possible impasse in deliberations.

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The jury had earlier asked the judge what they should do if they couldn't reach verdicts on all the charges against Jones.

Slayton said in court that jurors' decision to send trial exhibits out of the jury room might indicate that the jurors are "done."

Jones has claimed self-defense in the incident that left one student dead and three others wounded following an argument and fight near an off-campus apartment complex.

The presiding judge thanked the jury for their service Tuesday afternoon, and told jurors to not be too disappointed in failing to reach a verdict.

"Please, don't feel badly about this," said Slayton. "You didn't fail. We all selected you because we believe that you, the people, would stick to the courage of your convictions and honor the oath to do that, and you did. We are grateful for your service."

Now, the question is whether prosecutors will try a new strategy in the second trial. Jury selection for that trial is set for August 1, in Flagstaff.

The Associated Press (AP) contributed to the report