MLB umpires visit kids at Phoenix Children's Hospital

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Some kids at the Phoenix Children's Hospital had some special visitors on Monday, as a group of Major League Baseball umpires helped put smiles on the kids' face, through a special program that helps kids who are dealing with serious illnesses.

"To do something positive and put a smile on someone's face, that's the big thing," said Ted Barrett.

For Barrett, it was an easy call to make.

"This is my favorite event that we do," said Barrett. "We come on out, visit the children and bring Build-A-Bears, and hopefully a smile to their faces. We've got Baxter here which is always a big hit with the kids."

It's all part of the Umps Care charity mission to provide comfort and encouragement for kids. The umpires also gave out scholarships, and gave kids in need the chance to watch behind home plate.

"Leave tickets for them so they have a ballpark experience, come out with us, hang out a little bit," said Barrett.

Barrett looks forward to making the kids happy. Not only does it break up his day-to-day, but it shows people a different side of being an umpire.

"As major league umpires, a lot of times people aren't happy to see us," said Barrett. "We're always making a call and making someone happy, someone mad, so to walk in and put a smile on a kid's face, its a big thing for us."

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