Mobile pantry allows Phoenix Rescue Mission to feed those in need

Many Arizonans are struggling to find a healthy meal to eat. Now, thanks to a grant, one organization says they're closer to bringing those meals right to those who need it most. 

It's so much more than what it seems. A truck on four wheels, but the delivery could change lives in Phoenix. 

"It's a beautiful truck, I think it will be eye-opening to the community," said Nathan Smith with the Phoenix Rescue Mission. 

This mobile food pantry will allow the Phoenix Rescue Mission to feed anyone who needs a meal. Now they can go where the need is and with better food. 

"Practically speaking that bad boy right there is the most important piece because it's refrigeration because with refrigeration the difference is instead of giving out bagged and boxed food which is correlated with health problems," said Smith. "We can give out fresh fruits and veggies in places where there's typically low access to that kind of food."

The cost, $85,000. It was covered by the Junior League of Phoenix as they celebrate 85 years. 

"Our mission is to train women to go back into the community but our focus is food and security and it's a match made in heaven," said Wendy Brooks with the Junior League of Phoenix.

We've shown you events over the last year where the Rescue Mission has set up pantries, given out Thanksgiving turkeys and water bottles when the temperatures reach code red, but this new truck lets them expand on a new level, and it's not just about a healthy meal. 

"It gives us an opportunity to create relationships with people so we can find out what other things they might be going through," said Smith. 

As Nathan says, a meal doesn' close a door, it only opens more possibilities to grow a community.