Mom claims daughter was bitten more than 2 dozen times at Tucson daycare

TUCSON, Ariz. (FOX 10) - The Arizona Department of Health Services and police are investigating after a mom said her daughter was bitten more than two dozen times at a pre-school in Tucson.

Alice Martin says her 15-month-old daughter Rosalind was bitten while at Creative Beginnings Pre-School in Tucson. She didn't discover the bite marks until she changed her daughter's clothes after bringing her home. The pictures are from back on February 26th.

Martin says her daughter had only been there for five days, and workers never told her what happened when she picked her up.

"Do I know what happened? No, but I know that a child getting bitten that many times would be crying and very upset," said Alice Martin.

Police took a report and say the bites appear to be from another child.

A woman at Creative Beginnings Pre-School called the claims unsubstantiated.

Fox 10 reported this from Phoenix.