Mom discovers holes in daughter’s socks are really outfits for baby dolls in hilarious viral tweet

(Twitter: @Dyonnce)

A designer is born!

At least that’s what people on Twitter are saying after one mom shared an amazing discovery about her 8-year-old.

In a viral tweet from Dyoncé, she said that while doing laundry she kept discovering holes in her daughter’s socks. Come to find, Jzolee Lavine was “making outfits” for her baby dolls.

The young designer even used masking tape on the bottom of one of the outfits to create a romper.

“She’s truly a creative child! I thought it was hilarious too but I hope she pursues it.” Dyoncé told FOX 5, “We will be investing in more socks to support her vision.”

Other moms were equally impressed with Jzolee’s creative approach and weighed in.

“Lmfao she’s creative bc I’d never think to use a sock.” 

“She’s a designer! These are the signs. Buy that girl loose fabric, needle and thread. Watch her work!” 

Another user jokingly said:

“Don’t let Fashion Nova see this”