Mom jailed for beating sons after catching them burglarize home

Officials in Baton Rouge are under fire for arresting a woman who physically disciplined her three sons after they stole from a neighbor's home.

According to The Advocate, 30-year-old Shaquana Spears was charged with two counts of cruelty to juveniles.

The newspaper reported Spears is a single mother of six who owns a small catering business. She admitted hitting her 10, 12 and 13-year-old sons with TV cords because they stole electronics, a hoverboard and other property from their neighbor's house.

When juvenile detention officers interviewed the oldest boy they found lacerations and marks across his arms, legs, shoulder, back and stomach. Some were bloody. The other two boys had less severe injuries, according to reports.

Many have criticized the decision to charge Spears, including the neighbor whose home was burglarized.

"If it was me, I'm gonna beat you before I let the cops kill you. I'm gonna do what I have to do. I'm not gonna let (my children) steal and kill and do all of that. I'm not gonna let them fall victim to the streets," Lisa Nicholson told The Advocate.

Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy wrote on his Facebook page, "I bet those boys won't be burglarizing other homes any time soon though."

But, others argued there are long-term negative effects for children who are disciplined with corporal punishment.

Spears is now back at home because a bail bondswoman offered to pay for her release. She told reporters, "I just want my 6 pack back under one roof."

"I jus wish i can get some sleep i cant believe dis is really happening to me anyone who knows me knows My kids My life and right now im jus dead My soul My spirit is jus i cant stop crying and dnt CARE to talk about it i jus ask for everyone to jus continue to keep me and My family IN prayer," she wrote on her own Facebook page.

The case is currently under review.