Monsoon 2015 comes to a close; some residents still cleaning up

If you are ready for some peace and quiet when it comes to the weather, you're in luck. Wednesday marked the official end of the monsoon season, and it has been a wet one.

Monsoon 2015 will be one season that several homeowners will not forget, in fact, they're reminded of mother nature's show of force every day when they look at their houses.

Several big storms left a lot of damage in its wake, some of which is still being repaired weeks after the storm came through. It's damage that's not cheap to fix, many homeowners are glad to put the season behind them.

"It took our tree out, part of our roof off, broke some stuff in the backyard, it was pretty amazing," said Tom Vail.

"It was like a train like sound, it was a freight train," said another neighbor.

One 2,000 pound tree fell on top of a central Phoenix home during a bad storm on September 1. The branches sliced through the roof like swords, forcing an elderly woman who lived there out of her home. 30 days later that home is still being worked on.

For many Monsoon 2015 will go down as the year their roofs and trees were blown away.

In total the season brought Phoenix 3.29 inches of rain at Sky Harbor International Airport. It's about 1/2 an inch above average.