MONSOON 2017: stores in Phoenix, Mesa suffer roof collapse during Thursday's storm

On Thursday, three stores - one in Mesa and two in Phoenix, suffered partial roof collapses as a result of a powerful monsoon storm that hit the Valley.

One of the stores affected was a Goodwill store at Gilbert and University in Mesa, where the emergency alarm rang as a result of the incident. That incident could have been truly disastrous, as the roof caved in over a place people come to shop. By pure luck, nobody was beneath the roof when it began to fall in.

"It is in the women's clothing section," said Courtney Nelson, Goodwill's Vice President of Marketing. "There was no one in that section at the time. We were able to get them all out before the roof did collapse."

As a result, the Goodwill Store affected by the collapse is closed on Friday. People who came by to shop were surprised when they looked through the window, and saw the destruction.

"Oh man, is that the roof?" asked Joshua Marrero of Mesa. "Oh my goodness."

At 44th Street and McDowell Road in Phoenix, SkyFOX spotted a hole in the roof that was so big, it forced a furniture store and a supermarket next door to close their doors today for repairs. It was yet another surprise for shoppers, but a guy named "Blue" took it in stride.

"Nature is the beast that is untamed," said Blue. "A lot of times, we do not prepare for it. Don't know how difficult the situation will it is better safe than sorry."