MONSOON 2017: Thursday night's storm topples pine trees in Tempe

Besides collapsed roofs and power outages, one Tempe community also suffered damages that were related to Thursday night's powerful monsoon storm.

Nearly half a dozen 45-year-old pine trees at one Tempe neighborhood were toppled during the storm, with two falling on top of a home. On Friday, people have been driving through the neighborhood, wondering at mother nature's power.

"It was shocking to see the power of the storm," said Woody Wilson. Wilson's home suffered some damages, due to the downed trees. Wicked winds snapped the trees in half, and the top half took down another, with both falling on top of wilson's home.

Wilson said his roof is made out of foam, so the branches didn't pierce through. He does, however, have to deal with holes in his roof, as well as water seeping through.

"Fortunately, the wall was strong," said Wilson. "We have punctures on the roof. They'll be bringing a crane around here this afternoon."

Crews worked through the day, chopping up branches and clearing them out. Most of the toppled trees were on community property, and people with the Colonia Del Sur's homeowners association said the costs of cleaning and repairing could crumble their HOA.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it cost $60,000 or better at least," Said Deb Carpenter. She is glad, however, that no one happened to be in the path of any of the fallen trees.

"Nobody was hurt, that's the real blessing," said Carpenter. "Things can still be replaced, and people can't be."