Montana boy's feathery handmade Big Bird costume is a hit on social media

A little boy’s homemade Big Bird costume is being praised for its detail and cuteness.

Jenna Thomas crafted the bright yellow and fluffy costume for her 15-month-old son Eli. She said he was finally old enough to wear something unique and have fun with it.

Thomas said that her costume won first prize in the under-two category and the overall top prize in Plentywood, Montana.

Before showing off the amazing bird costume to the judges, she had Eli “test-drive” the outfit. She shared a video of him strolling down the street near their home decked out as Big Bird.

“The only way I could get him to leave the hat on was by telling him that he would go outside, but he had to wear the hat,” she said. “We live in Montana and we’ve already had cold weather, so he understands needing a hat to go outside.”

Thursday will be the first time Eli gets to go trick-or-treating and he’s got quite a costume to top come next year.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.