More heat-related deaths reported in 2021 so far than at the same time in 2020

It’s only the beginning of July, and heat deaths are climbing.

So far in 2021, nine people have died from the heat Maricopa County, based on data through June 26.

At this time in 2020, the heat-related death toll was only four. In addition, 75 deaths are under investigation in 2021.

Overall, there were 323 heat-related deaths in Maricopa County in 2020, a record high.

"Everyone knows that Phoenix is a hot place. It’s the hottest big city in the country, but when we have these types of conditions where where we have the warmest June on record, that takes a toll on people," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Jaret Rogers.

Most of the deaths coincide with the major heat wave that we experienced mid-June.

"In those extreme heat days, you and I could go half a mile, but but when you been outside all night and your body is feeling it already, they cannot make a trip to where they are at," said Salvation Army Phoenix Metro Coordinator Major David Yardley. 

Rogers says people may not think about the heat often, but they need to always be weather aware.

"One thing is for certain: no matter what, July and August are going to stay hot. You know it not may be as hot as last summer, but our temperatures, it’s very reliable that we are going to be extremely hot with warm overnight lows," said Rogers.

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