More Phoenix flights canceled because of heat

American Airlines officials said Tuesday seven regional flights have been delayed and 43 have been canceled because of a heat wave that is gripping the Phoenix area.

The disruptions came Tuesday. The airline says it doesn't expect any more issues Wednesday but officials will re-evaluate.

The flight delays and cancelations have, understandably, impacted some travel plans, with some hoping they would be able to fly out later on Tuesday.

In contrast, those flying into Phoenix felt the hot air hitting them like a slap in the face, like Eloise Jones, who was wearing a sweater and flying in from Indianapolis.

"It isn't that hot here and it was cold on the airplane," said Jones.

Other travelers also had to deal with the heat.

"I just came from Boston, Massachusetts. I had to wear my shorts. It was too hot," said Sydney Sewell.

The Associated Press (AP) contributed to the report.