Mother accused of killing her two children speaks out from behind bars

A Superior mother accused of killing her two babies called FOX 10's Nicole Garcia Wednesday.

Brittany Velasquez, according to Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, was booked into jail on two counts of first degree murder, in connection with the deaths of her two-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter.

While on the phone with Garcia, Velasquez says her two kids were her life, and she feels betrayed by the babysitter, who she claims was watching her kids on the day they died. Court documents show Brittany, at one point, blamed the grandparents.

"It makes me very mad," said Velasquez. "I feel betrayed. I really feel betrayed."

Investigators, however, say Velasquez never left her kids with a babysitter. Rather, they say Velasquez intentionally left them in the car for an entire day, which led to their deaths.

In the 10-minute conversation, there was one moment where Velasquez showed emotion.

"I haven't been showing too much emotion to everything that's going on, because I don't know how to feel. I'm just very hurt. My pride and joy were taken from me, and it makes me really mad," said Velasquez, who is due back in court on Friday. She denied murdering her two children, and shared her memories of them.

"His favorite words were 'cheese', 'tata', bye, 'nana', 'mama'. He had a smile worth a million words," Velasquez said, remembering her son.

"She was very, very happy," said Velasquez, as she remembers her daughter. "There's not a moment I'd never seen her smile."

Velasquez says she was just hired at a local restaurant, and worked a 12-hour shirt on the day the two were found dead, strapped to their car seats, inside a car.

On the day Velasquez was charged, her own brother was quick to describe her as a woman who is manipulative.

"She's very manipulative," said Vincent Velasquez. "So she would call, explain her mental.. explain what she's doing. They would come and talk to her, and they would just leave. We would never hear anything back. They would come, talk to her and leave. Come, talk to her and leave, but, like I said, she would manipulate them to look normal."

"The truth is eventually going to come out," said Velasquez, during her phone call. "It is."

Meanwhile, the two babies have been laid to rest.