Mother of fallen Navy Seal receives apology from General

Lee took great offense to what Dempsey said. "When I heard those comments you could have sucker punched me, and knocked me down, it was so painful to hear that, to know the sacrifices that were made in Ramadi," said Debbie Lee.

Lee wrote a letter to the General calling for an apology, that letter later went viral. He replied on Monday with a letter saying in part "I do apologize if I added to your grief." He then clarified what he planned to convey including that they are fighting a different enemy, and it is a different Iraqi Government.

"I did tell Gen. Dempsey when I spoke with him that he needs to make a public apology, I didn't do this just for my son, there were so many others who were hurt by that," said Lee.

Lee says she does not agree with Dempsey's statement that we are fighting a different enemy, she feels that it is the same enemy.

Dempsey joins others including Senator John McCain who are calling for a public apology.

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