Move Phoenix: plan calls for increased bike lanes and light rail

A big vote is coming up on August 25; it's a proposal to increase the sales tax in the City of Phoenix for 0.4% to 0.7% to pay for a variety of transportation projects.

It's a 31.5 billion dollar, 35-year plan. Some people like it, and some really don't.

The proposal would extend the light rail under Proposition 104, supporters call it "Move Phoenix," which would raise taxes by one penny if you buy a $3 cup of coffee as backers like to say.

Lots of people want better ways to get around. Move Phoenix would add over a thousand miles of bikes lanes in the city, like the one's downtown on Grand Avenue. The plan also calls for expanding light rail in South Phoenix, on the west and cross town from Paradise Valley Mall to ASU West.

It would add bus service, running every 15 minutes, with more rapid buses with extended hours. Finally, it would resurface streets and add more sidewalks.

"I would politely suggest there is not a single person in the City of Phoenix, or the Valley of the Sun, who is not going to benefit from the all of the above transportation infrastructure improvements," said Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton.

Some people do not like the plan and consider it a waste of money, and nothing short of a boondoggle.

"We believe the city needs to find a better, more effective way to fund infrastructure and not pork products like the light rail project," said Jake Hoffman, with the Republican Party of Maricopa County.

The election will take place on August 25. Opponents say the tax increase is too much and too much will be spent on the train as opposed to roads.