Mural painted in memory of Prince about to be unveiled near Downtown Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A one-of-a-kind work of art is about to be unveiled near the corner of 15th Avenue and Grand Avenue.

The work of art is a giant mural in memory of singer Prince. It's being done by the same local artist who did the David Bowie mural near Downtown Phoenix.

"When Prince passed away, I was just in shock," said Maggie Keane.

Keane, who got her start painting billboards and is now known for courtroom sketches, has been hard at work on this mural for two long and hot months. A can of purple paint in hand and wearing multi-colored paint-stained clothing, Keane is just a few strokes away from finally being finished.

"He gave so much I want to give back," said Keane. "I never got to see him. I just loved the imagery that surrounded him."

The idea popped up after the singer's surprise death, and the purple wall at a print shop proved the perfect backdrop. It now depicts Prince's evolving look, from Purple Rain to his final days, gazing into the heavens.

Keane is already getting rave reviews from people passing by.

"It's just a beautiful painting," said one person. "It came out spectacular."

A few local artists set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for supplies, but Keane is not here to make money. She just hopes the wall will inspire others, just like Prince inspired her.

"With the rays of light shining down its appropriate and its moving," said Keane. "Prince is dead and we're all sad."