Naming contest for baby sea lion at Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KSAZ) - At Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium they have many animals, big and small. Over the summer they introduced their newest member to the zoo family, a baby sea lion.

Emily Sabo, the Director of the seal lion program, showed Fox 10's Ty Brennan how they train the sea lions.

"We create a positive reinforcement training for our sea lions through our training and the fish that they eat," said Sabo.

The sea lions are taught a number of tricks.

"We do about 6-8 training sessions a day," says Sabo. "Now those training sessions vary on what our sea lions are showing us, so everything we do with them here is voluntary. That's based on what our sea lions want, same for the rest of the zoo. We can't force them and you wouldn't want to force any of our animals."

The newest sea lion now needs a name and Wildlife World is looking to the public for help. They are having a naming contest. Submit your name ideas through their social media channels.

A winner will be announced November 9th and not only win bragging rights, but an annual membership for four.