NC man wins $1 million in lottery after asking family members to each pick a number

In order for Jonathan Gonzalez, a North Carolina resident, to win the lottery, his own luck wasn’t enough. So he called upon his entire family to each pick a number, a decision which would win him $1 million. 

Gonzalez asked his grandparents, his uncle, his father and sister to each pick a number to help win the North Carolina Powerball and together they beat the odds of 1 in 11.6 million to match all five white balls in the drawing, according to North Carolina Education Lottery officials.

“I had them each pick a number from one to 69,” Gonzalez told the organization. “And those were the numbers I played.”

Gonzalez claimed the prize on Monday and said he plans to share the winnings with his lucky family who he says helped him in a previous tragedy when he lost his home to a fire last year. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.