Neighbor's call to police for boy mowing lawn prompts donation, surge in lawn mowing business

An Ohio resident called the police on a 12-year-old boy who's spending the summer mowing lawns.

Reggie Fields runs his lawn-mowing business called Mr. Reggie's Lawn Cutting Service with his siblings and cousins.

They were mowing a customer's lawn when Reggie accidentally cut part of the neighbor's grass.

The mistake prompted the neighbor to call the police. Cops showed up, but didn't take any action against Reggie.

Reggie's customer, Lucille Holt, posted a video to Facebook explaining the incident and praising the kids' hard work. It quickly went viral, and has since led to a surge in Reggie's business.

"They said I was cutting their grass. I didn't know it... I was like, that's a shame. Cause I didn't know," said Reggie.

Holt says, "people are 'in boxing' me like, 'how can I get in touch with these children, where are they at? I got property that I even want these kids to cut their grass.'"

A landscaper, Joe Revay, in the area was upset about what happened to Reggie.

Revay's wife, Shawn Revay, says, "Here's a 12 year old (and his siblings) trying to make some money and keep busy, so my husband decided to step in. You don't discourage kids or anyone doing the right thing! Especially in today's world."

Joe Revay decided to help out with Reggie's lawn business by offering up some lawn equipment, including a lawnmower, blower and more.

Revay got in touch with Reggie's mom who directed him to a home Reggie was working at. When Revay found Reggie and his crew, he described Reggie's reaction as "a kid on Christmas."

Reggie says he plans to use the money he earns this summer to expand his business.