Nelson says Scott is afraid to count all votes

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson says his Republican challenger, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, fears that he will lose the election if all the votes are counted.

Nelson said Friday afternoon that Scott is impeding the democratic process and trying to stop all the votes for Florida's U.S. Senate race from being counted.

Scott has filed lawsuits against elections officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties and asked state law enforcement to investigate possible fraud. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says no elections fraud allegations have been made, and there isn't an active investigation.

Scott said Thursday night that Democrats are continuing to find votes until they get the results they want.

Nelson responded that "votes are not being found; they're being counted." Read the full text of Nelson's statement below:

This process is about one thing: making sure that every legal ballot is counted and protecting the right of every Floridian to participate in our democracy.

No one should stand in the way of the people of our state exercising their right to vote and to have their voice heard.

Clearly, Rick Scott is trying to stop all the votes from being counted and he's impeding the democratic process. You can see this from his irresponsible, unethical and unprecedented press statement last night that he's worried and he's desperate.

The reason why he feels that way is obvious: we believe when every legal ballot is counted we'll win this election.

A public office is a public trust -- I won't stand for anyone using his position to undermine our democratic process, and neither should the people of Florida. It's wrong and it goes against every value that we have in our country.

Scott is abusing the full force of his public office as governor to stop a complete and accurate counting of all the votes in Florida - which would determine whether he wins or loses.

The governor has decided to abandon the most fundamental of all rights, because he fears that he will lose the election if all the votes are counted.

He isn't telling the truth, which is: votes are not being found; they're being counted.

We will continue to ensure that this election is conducted fairly, the rule of law is followed, and the democratic process is fulfilled.

Thank you and good afternoon.