New campaign aims to get people to turn in their fireworks for a "boom free 4th of July"

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The 4th of July is a bit over a week away, and with all of the fireworks, it's a tough time for pets and veterans who suffer from PTSD.

There is, however, a campaign aimed to get people to turn in their fireworks and leave the shows to the pros.

"July 4th is the most dreaded holiday of the year," said Jennifer Mazzocchi.

Even the biggest and bravest animals are often terrified of the loud noise, so they run away. Animal shelters take in lots of stressed dogs and cats over the July 4th holiday.

"So many dogs go missing, get injured or get killed in their attempts to escape the noise," said Mazzocchi, who runs the Mayday Pit Bull Rescue in Phoenix.

Mazzocchi said strays increase about 30% to 40% during the holiday. For 2019, it will be even worse.

"Our county shelters are going through a crisis, where one of the primary shelters is shut down due to a distemper outbreak," said Mazzocchi.

So, they're trying something new this year by asking people to turn in their fireworks at participating fire stations in Scottsdale, Rural Metro, and Fountain Hills.

"For anyone that turns in fireworks, they'll be entered into a drawing to win a 49-inch flatscreen TV," said Mazzocchi.

Boom Free 4th of July
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