New Carvana 'vending machine' opens in Tempe

Drop your giant token and in a matter of seconds, out comes your new car.

The purchase process starts online at Buyers can shop, purchase, and finance a vehicle from their computer or smartphone.

"We like to say that we sell cars, but we're not car salesmen," Amy O'Hara said. "We like to make the car buying process transparent and easy and put the customer at the center of the experience, so the way to do that was to put the cars on line, and make the inventory available and easy to shop and convenient for the customer."

Carvana has been up and running and delivering cars to customers in Phoenix since last fall.

The brand new "vending machine" adds a little magic, and a seven-day return policy gives you the chance to make sure the vehicle does the trick.

"You can put the car seat in, you can put the golf clubs in the truck, you can even take it to your local mechanic to get the peace of mind and make sure it's the vehicle that's right for you, and drive it around more than just the four right turns around the dealership lot," O'Hara said.

The company will still deliver to your home, but they think this unique pick-up process is pretty hard to pass up.