New documents released in Hamilton High School hazing case

Hundreds of police documents related to the Hamilton High School hazing case have been released. The report from the Chandler Police Department is nearly 700 pages long. It's an exhaustive list of contacts, search warrant records and notes from investigators' interviews over roughly a couple of years.

So far, only one student, 17-year-old Nathaniel Thomas, has been charged as an adult. He's facing aggravated assault, sexual assault, kidnapping and child molestation charges. According to the interviews, Thomas was allegedly the ringleader.

All of this is in connection with alleged hazing at Hamilton High involving the football team, which has been one of the dominant teams in Arizona in recent years.

Much of the police report has been redacted, meaning names and other pieces of information have been blacked out. This is standard procedure in police reports involving young people.

There are graphic depictions of alleged hazing incidents, including football players who had their pants pulled down and were then attacked. That is at the heart of the criminal case that is now in Superior Court.

The report also describes search warrants. Items seized for investigation include computers and USB drives.

The report, which is 692 pages long, is reportedly filled with accounts of hazing among Hamilton High School football players, including an incident where one said "somebody yelled "let's get pretty boy," while one of the varsity boys told him, "we're gonna rape you."

Another reportedly told police the players used various objects to sexually assault them.

According to the report, a freshman told police the alleged assaults were "a tradition", an initiation or hazing of the new members, who were known as "fresh meat".

One person reportedly told police that Thomas had sent the freshmen text messages about the investigation, and told to "not to talk", adding that "if [Thomas] get expelled from Hamilton, you're going to regret it".

The statements, along with others, are now at the heart of the criminal case that is in the Superior Court.