New drug-free treatment option for men with erectile dysfunction

More than half of men over 50 experience some level of erectile dysfunction, or ED.

A newer treatment is known as "GAINSWave" offers a drug-free, non-surgical way to boost sexual function.

"I heard about this on the internet actually," he says.

Mark, who doesn't want his face shown, was looking a boost in the bedroom, something that would make him feel more 18 than 47.

And he found GAINSWave through Atlanta physician Dr. Eldred Taylor.

"It's the convenience of it," he says. "You have an opportunity to improve your performance without having to go under the knife, without invasive surgery."

Dr. Eldred Taylor showed us how GAINSWave works on his wife's arm.

Taylor says the system uses sound waves to open up blocked blood vessels supplying the penis.

"The primary cause of ED is decreased blood flow," Dr. Taylor says. "And what happens is as we age, blood vessels become blocked with plaque. And blood flow decreases, that's just a normal part of aging."

But many men have decreased blood flow because of vascular diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

For some them, ED medication may not be safe.

Dr. Taylor says that's where GAINSWave comes in.

"What it does is it takes away the need for the drugs, you don't have to worry about any reactions with the drugs," Taylor says. "And it brings back the spontaneity, that's probably the biggest benefit."

Mark agrees.

"The pills take the romance out of it," he says. "It's kind of a planned event, that's just kind of a downer. This, this is you can be better anytime, any day whenever that moment strikes."

And, "Mark" says, the treatment doesn't hurt.

"You're completely numb," he says. "It takes about 20 minutes. You can do it on your lunch break. I was pleased, and my wife was pleased."

GAINSWave ranges in prices according to the severity of the problem.

Taylor says most men will need 6 to 12 treatment for the best results.

But, "Mark" says he saw some benefit after just one treatment. He plans to get one or two more and then a "maintenance" treatment later on.

Each treatment runs about $500, according to the company.

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