New Phoenix hip hop school teaching kids how to breakdance, express themselves on the floor

A hip hop school has opened up in the valley and it's giving kids the opportunity to learn some breakdance moves while at the same time providing an escape from their everyday routine.

"We're moving fast, we're moving up, down, in the air, pausing."

Breakdancing is a form of hip hop dance incorporating body movements, coordination and style.

"The moves are no longer how people thought. They aren't a backspin or a freeze or a flip to your back. We're doing moves that are high flying and defining all types of beliefs or possibilities."

Longtime breaker Miguel Rosario, also known as "Gravity," thought it was only right to take his years of experience and teach the younger generation.

In October, they opened up Break Free Hip Hop School in Phoenix. Since then, they've provided a platform where kids are able to express themselves.

"Whatever foundation you learn from here, it blossoms into whatever you create. We set the standards high so they can aspire to be as talented as some of our athletes and instructors here," Rosario said.

Rosario says in just a short amount of time, he's witnessed the growth of some of his students.

"A lot of kids, some of them cam here overweight, heavier, no confidence. These kids now know how to speak, they are not afraid to speak. They speak up, they tell us how they feel, what they want to do, what they want to learn."

These young breakers are building their confidence more and more every day.

"A lot of people don't take breakdancers seriously but here we are with a professional facility with an actual business plan and goals and a promising future. I think to be at the forefront paving the way for that is massively rewarding."