New rules on weapons and costumes for Phoenix Comicon attendees

There are now new rules governing costumes and props, as well as an updated weapons policy at the Phoenix Comicon.

Under the new rules, all firearms of any kind, regardless of whether it's been emptied or disabled, is not allowed, along with bladed metal or wooden weapons, as well as simulated explosives, ammunition, and chemical weapons. Props made from plastic and cardboard are still allowed.

Some vendors said they were not surprised by the new rules.

"We just did an expo in California a couple weeks ago. They had double checkpoints and they also put restrictions on weapons venders," said Neil Kotlers. "I think this is the beginning for tougher rules for conventions. People in the costume community are very upset because they put a lot of time and effort into their costumes, but it really can't be avoided. It's just a safety issue"

The changes came, following the arrest of a man who brought several guns and knives into Comicon back in May.

Besides weapons, organizers also targeted attires. Due to its status as a family-friendly event, organizers don't want more skin showing than what one would see, if someone was wearing a swimsuit at the beach. In addition, covering up certain body parts with paint is no longer allowed.